Parent and student input is critical to the success of CultureKids. After each completed session in all the programs, parents and/or participants are asked to complete a program evaluation. The results of these evaluations are helpful in ensuring that CultureKids continues to offer the highest quality educational product. This valuable input also helps provide direction for curriculum development and future projects. Here's what people are saying about CultureKids:

"Keep doing what you're doing! It's a wonderful program!"
- Corner House Nursery School parent

"It was a fun atmosphere for learning!"

- Hillview Elementary School parent

"My child loved learning to talk like Dora. Keep up the great work!"

- Page 1 Preschool parent

"My daughter loved learning the new words. I can't believe how much she learned. When she is talking sometimes a Spanish word will just come out without her even thinking about it."

- Amherst Cooperative Nursery School parent

"My child loved coming home from class and teaching my husband and I all of the Spanish he learned.   He loved learning the new words and practices saying them at home."

-St. Christopher's School parent

"Fun program. My child loved counting and learning the Spanish words."

-Williamsville Community Education parent

"My child loved going to Spanish class and really looked forward to it.  You have a fun way of teaching!!"

-William Steet School parent

"I thought Spanish class was fun. I liked all the games we played. I like teaching my family the new words I learn."

-Maple East Elementary School student

"My child enjoyed the program immensely. Spanish has now become a part of our regular routine. Thank you for the fine job that you do. You have a really great program!"

-Westminster Early Childhood Programs parent

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