We had a fantastic semester with all of our Spanish classes.  Thank you to all who returned their program surveys.  We love hearing your feedback!  We feel honored to share the Spanish language and culture with all of our students!  With an enthusiastic Teaching Team in place, we are off to a great start for our next session.

Our winter schedule is posted on the website.  From the homepage it can be accessed by clicking on the "class schedule" tab.  Most of the Spanish For Preschoolers classes start the beginning of January and most of the Spanish For The Elementary Years classes start in February.  Registrations are currently underway for the winter classes.  Be sure to register early so you are not closed out of a class!  Most schools will also run a spring session.  The spring schedule will be posted after all winter classes have started.

As many of you already know, we have the best group of teachers around!   Our Teaching Team continues to grow as our program continues to expand to more schools.  You are encouraged to continue checking the Teaching Team page on the website as the new instructor biographies are constantly being added.  We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful team of experienced and motivated instructors!

Thank you for your past participation in the CultureKids' programs.  We look forward to seeing your child again this year in one of our programs!  Please continue to visit our website and work on building your Spanish vocabulary through the word of the week.

If your child's school is not currently offering our program, please contact us at 716.523.9538 and we will work on getting our program into your school!



Lisa Almeter
CultureKids Founder


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